Saturday, August 31, 2013

My Latest Project

As I've said in my last posts, I have published five books in my first year as an author, but I can't help but think that this latest project of mine, my sixth book, is better than the others. Obviously, I don't think any of my books are bad, but some are certainly better than others. Sometimes you just get that feeling about a project of yours, that its different than anything that you've done. That is the case with this latest book. I can honestly say this I haven't been more excited to write a book before. But enough of this anticipatory nonsense, let's get to the book as it stands right now.

The working title of this book is Delicate Rain. The synopsis goes a little bit something like this: "Rain Phillipa has always been an adventurous teenager, but when her adventures get her in hot water with the authorities as well as her family, she feels her only option is to run away. Soon finding herself in the heart of Kansas City, Rain is taken in by a secretive criminal operation who show her the life she's always wanted; drugs, parties, and violence quickly encapsulate her world. But when her family's search for her continues gaining volunteers and media attention and the secrecy of the criminal organization is directly endangered Rain can't help but wonder if this life of adventure and excess can really last forever."

Now, this story is still less than 10,000 words along, so this description is subject to some changes. But, based on how confident I am in the synopsis in its current form, I can say it won't change much. I will continue updating as things go on!

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