Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Welcome to my blog

This, in case you are still for some reason or another unaware, is a blog. It's a blog about writing written by a writer. My name is Mitch Goth, I am a fiction novelist working through Amazon's publication system, and I am here to share my knowledge with you.

It always seems to me that writers just throw up whatever anyone else has said into blogs and articles about how to write or be successful as a writer. And, I won't lie, 25% of that stuff does indeed work and is insanely helpful to any new writer, but the majority is nonsense and trash. I've had many things work for me that nobody ever seems to talk about, so I figured I might as well start blogging about what I think works.

Yes, I am self published. If that makes you think of me as some sort of a lesser writer or somebody who doesn't know the business, kindly piss off. To the remainder who don't mind the route I chose or even more so enjoy that route like I do, I'd like to welcome you to my blog.

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